Back to School!

For many parents at 39 years-old, we are getting back in the swing of getting the kids back to school. My teenager is going to high school next week and the twins will be doing preschool twice a week, starting in just a few days. But unlike many parents, I am also getting ready to go back school. I am starting my freshman year at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth.

I actually started my journey last year in a local community college, but I started a four year program and am 3 credits short, so I am still a freshman this year. Most of my courses were online last year as well, which makes this year a completely different animal. I will be on campus three days a week, for four to six hours a day.

I have an incredible support system, but things will still go by the wayside. I won’t be dusting while studying for an exam. I do hope to document my experience at the minimum. If this finds itself on the screen of someone who is starting a similar journey, and they find some relatable material, then all the better.